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Back Pain Management

Why Office Workers Are So Prone To Back Pains?

Constantly suffer from aches in your neck and shoulder? Can’t understand why as soon as you start working your back starts to play up?

Research has found that “the most likely population to be prone to developing musculoskeletal pain, are those who spend most of their working hours sitting.
Commonly due to the nature of their work”.

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs), especially in the neck, shoulders, and lower-back regions are common among office workers worldwide, due to the absence of physical activity, lack of movement as well as the adopted sedentary behavior.

So what can be done about back pain?

If you are a desk-based worker; it is essential that you take regular breaks from your workstation as frequent as possible. Understandably, when you are busy and engrossed in work this is hard to achieve. However, we tell our desk-based patients to stand up every 30mins to an hour to simply stretch out the back, legs, and hips.

No excuses! All it takes is a few seconds to stand up and STRETCH

Ensure that a display screen equipment (DSE) workstation assessment has been completed. By law, it is your employer’s responsibility to protect you from the health risks posed by working with DSE. According to the Health and Safety Regulations, this is to be applied to any worker who uses PCs, laptops or tablets daily for more than an hour. A DSE assessment should be performed by a trained assessor. These assessments are useful in ensuring your screen is the appropriate height to prevent over-straining your neck, as well as making sure your chair gives you adequate back support.

…here’s where we come in…

We offer a range of services to rid employees of their discomfort and promote occupational health within the workplace. After all, the employees are what makes companies successful. What good would it do for overall productivity and office morale if 90% of employees are not comfortable at work due to poor workstation set up causing aches and pains?

Imagine, waking up with a terrible pain in your neck and having to wait a few days to get an appointment for it to be treated. In the meantime, you have to go to work as you have deadlines and tasks only you can complete. How convenient would it be if you could receive onsite therapy AT WORK to reduce the pain and therefore allow you to fully concentrate on the tasks ahead. Great right??

Our Wellness at Work Scheme is very popular in achieving a fit, happy and productive working environment by providing ongoing osteopathy and physical therapy to employees providing tailor treatments for muscle and joint pains, spinal and postural examinations, and a detailed ergonomic DSE assessment (including a report).

Those in HR may be keen to know that this initiative can significantly reduce absence days taken by over 70% using preventative methods, thus delivering an estimated saving for the business. As part of our Wellness at Work Scheme, we also offer detailed absence reports, productivity assessments and ongoing support for employees who are unable to work due to long term musculoskeletal conditions.