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Look no further.

I am Dr Dianne, a certified Doctor of Osteopathy, Naturopath, Holistic Therapist and Nutrition Advisor.

If you are interested in learning:
- How to make the necessary health changes to prevent illness
- Improve your diet to fuel your body in the best way
- Enhance your mental health and productivity - How to exercise in the most effective way for your body
- Prevent injuries and build strength
- Improve your daily productivity and energy levels
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Improve Your Nutrition

Guiding you on your nutrition to give you a clearer understanding of what foods to avoid and what diet can provide the best nutrients for optimal body, joint and muscle health in general. As well as reducing blood pressure and cholesterol conditions



Lets understand your health habits and concerns


Without fully understanding your health struggles how can we come to a resolution?


We look at family history, current history of medical conditions and what elements may be preventing your health journey.

Improve Mobility and Function


As we age we can suffer from stiffness and lack of movement.

We coach you on the best therapy and mobility techniques to apply to allow a better range of movement, safely and effectively.


Reduce pain and inflammation


By using relief base protocols and techniques to assist with reducing swelling and inflammation in the acute phase of your injury.


Common mistakes to avoid that will aggravate your symptoms and the initial stretches and techniques to apply to provide you INSTANT relief. 

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Committed To Deliver Excellence

Holistic Rehab Clinic

Ensures all our therapists are registered and qualified to provide the very best advice and ongoing care. The founders of the clinic have over 10 years’ experience in the healthcare field and have led therapeutic services to various events including the London Olympics and Paralympic Games in 2012.

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