Herniated Disc

  • Have you been advised you have a herniated disc?
  • Are you struggling to perform daily activities due to the constant pain and lack of movement?
  • Exhausted with the NHS procedures with no real reduction of your symptoms?

Let us help!


Our Consultant Osteopaths will assess the extent of the disc herniation and determine the best way to offload your pain and improve your range of movement using a hands on approach.

Our aim is to not only improve your symptoms but to get you back to living a normal life performing the day to day activities you enjoy.

What Is An Herniated Disc

The intervertebral disc is a structure in between the bones in your spine. A herniated, or
slipped, disk is a common condition that can be painful and debilitating.

A slipped disc occurs when the outer ring becomes weak or torn and allows the inner
portion to slip out.




Age – as you get older your discs become dehydrated and essentially lose water meaning
they are more prone to slipping out of place. This is known as degenerative disc disease.

Trauma – certain motions can predispose a slipped disc such as heavy lifting or twisting
and turning can place great strain on the lower back.

Weight – Overweight individuals are also at increased risk for a slipped disc because
their discs must support the additional weight. Weak muscles and a sedentary lifestyle
may also contribute to the development of a slipped disc.

Common symptoms include:


Pain in the back

Shooting pain or numbness down one leg

Severe stiffness and limited range of movement

Difficulty in walking

Muscle weakness

How Our 3 Steps Program Helps?

Step 1:

Our Consultant Osteopaths will perform a thorough examination and assessment
of your lower back to assess the extent of the disc herniation and determine the best way
to offload your discomfort.


Step 2:

A treatment plan will be prepared based on the initial findings. The main aim
during this step is to reduce pain and disability by using a range of hands on techniques
such as:

Soft and deep tissue massage

Joint mobilisation to gain range of movement and function to the lower back and limbs

Joint traction


Treatment to pelvis and lower limbs as in our experience these structures can become
Tight as a result of the dysfunction.


Step 3: ROM and Rehabilitation



Once our Consultants progressively work on reducing the symptoms in the back and
legs, your file will be referred to our Rehab Consultants who will ensure a specific
maintenance program to prevent further injury.

They will also work with you to gain the strength back in the back and to target specific
muscles in the legs that have wasted during injury due to lack of use. This step is VITAL
to ensure complete recovery.

What happens when you visit an Osteopath?


Osteopathy is a type of alternative medicine that focuses on the treatment of health
problems by using physical manipulation of muscles and joints.
Upon visiting an Osteopath, the Osteopath will take a full medical history regarding your
current complaint and past medical history. An examination and assessment will also be
performed, where the Osteopath will ask you to perform certain movements to test your
range and carry out orthopaedic tests to determine the cause of your symptoms. It is
advised that during the examination loose clothing or underwear is worn to ensure the
Osteopath has clear view of the body.

Once a diagnosis has been identified, the Consultant Osteopath will explain the findings
and prognosis; as well as how much treatment is required. The Osteopath will also
provide you with advice in relation to posture and activities/movements you need to
avoid during your treatment. A written action plan will be included.

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Over 10 Years Experience and leading practioners of London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics Games.

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