Full Body MOT - Physical Health Full Check

Want to start to improve your overall health and fitness and stick to achieving your New Year goals for 2020?

Our bodies are constantly working and the stress of everyday life and activity can take a toll. Just like your car has an annual MOT to ensure it’s roadworthy and to catch any problems early on; your body deserves the same level (if not MORE) of attention and care.

The Holistic Rehab Clinic are offering a Full Body Mot and treatment.

The Full Body MOT includes:


  • Full Body examination to include any problem areas.
  • Testing range of motion of joints and muscle strength testing
  • Orthopaedic special tests
  • Postural and Spinal assessments – ideal for detecting a misaligned pelvis or scoliosis
  • Testing of core and hip function and correction of any imbalances detected (for eg unresolved neck pain caused by forward head posture and tight neck flexors due to lack of core stability)
  • Reflex and Nerve testing
  • Blood pressure and pulse readings
  • Muscle activation techniques to reset dysfunction
  • Advanced massage techniques
  • Joint mobilisation and adjustments
  • A written report with findings and an action plan

Why Choose Holistic Rehab Clinic

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Exceptionally hands-on holistic approach to treatments  Centrally located with fantastic transport links (very close to Holborn and Chancery Lane Stations)

holisticrehabclinic - massage therapy london - WC1X 8NW

Over 10 Years Experience and leading practioners of London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics Games.

holisticrehabclinic - massage therapy london - WC1X 8NW

Home visits can be arranged for those patients who prefer not to travel Open till late for those busy office workers.

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Still Unsure?

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