"Osteopathy Provider of the Year" reveals
How they help Back Pain Sufferers Gain Full Recovery, with an Online Program: The Back Lab

Online Back Pain Recovery At Your Fingertips
By A Certified Osteopath.
No More Waiting To Get An Appointment!!


❌ Are you suffering from Back Pain?


❌ Does the pain interfere with your day to day activities at home or work?


❌ Have you exhausted other avenues of treatment with only little or short-term benefit? 


❌ Are you looking to take control of your recovery without being reliant on weekly therapy appointments?


❌ Unable to get the proper help you need to sort your back out once and for all?


❌ Is the pain getting you down or maybe holding you back from reaching your exercise goals?


❌ Have you been told you may just have to live with this pain for the rest of your life?


❌ Are you looking for a structured plan to assist with recovery and improve your back health forever?


Get Access To Your Very Own Online Rehab Program
that will......


Provide you with an understanding of the cause of your Back Pain


Without fully understanding the cause of your symptoms, how are we suppose to identify the solution?


We conduct thorough Health Consultations online with an Expert to determine the most likely cause of your pain, so we can produce the most beneficial plan.


Reduce pain and inflammation


By using relief base protocols and techniques to assist with reducing swelling and inflammation in the acute phase of your injury.


Common mistakes to avoid that will aggravate your symptoms and the initial stretches and techniques to apply to provide you INSTANT relief. 

Improve Mobility and Function


Back stiffness and lack of movement is one of the biggest problems surrounding Back Pain. 



We coach you on the best therapy and mobility techniques to apply to allow a better range of movement, safely and effectively.


Strengthen your Back


Specific exercises proven to safely engage and build the supportive muscles that protect your back.

Dynamic strengthening and stability to ensure your back becomes strong enough to prevent future relapses from occurring.


Improve Your Nutrition


The program is unique as it guides you on your nutrition to give you a clearer understanding of what foods to avoid and what diet can assist with recovery and the best nutrients for optimal joint and muscle health in general.



Improve Your Posture whilst Working


Whether it be office working or manual handling – we got you covered!


A thorough guide on how to set up your workstation, the best postures to keep, exercises you can perform and best manual handling practices.

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Meet The Team

Dianne - Registered Osteopath

Dianne has been in the healthcare industry for over 11 years providing back pain solutions to many.  

As the founder of the award-winning Holistic Rehab Clinic she now focuses her energy on consulting individuals online and providing tailor-made cohesive rehabilitation programs to assist individuals in their recovery. 

Dianne started The Back Lab Program during a time of uncertainty when many of her clients were self-isolating due to the pandemic, but were still suffering with Back Pain.

Since implementing The Back Lab, she has been able to speed up patient’s recovery times by providing coaching on the tools and techniques they need to apply at home.

Guglielmo Loleo

Guglielmo is a fully qualified and registered osteopath. He graduated from the University College of Osteopathy (UCO), formerly known as the British School of Osteopathy, with a Masters in Osteopathy.

Over the past years he has been treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions obtaining the best possible outcome.


He is passionate about helping each patient he serves and will go above and beyond to determine the best plan of action going forward.


Ishita Sardar

Ishita is a fully qualified and registered Osteopath at Holistic Rehab Clinic. She studied at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine obtaining a Masters in Osteopathy.
Ishita looks at each person’s pain in a holistic manner, looking at movement, mobility, exercise, diet and general
Ishita’s love for Osteopathy began when she had an early experience with low back pain as a young teenager, allowing her to understand the importance of body function and raising awareness of the benefits of Osteopathy to health and well-being.
Ishita is fluent in Bengali, and intermediate in Urdu and Hindi.
Based on 4 reviews.
Samantha Ruddock
Samantha Ruddock
I've been working from home for several months now due to the pandemic and my back was becoming unbearable. The Back Lab Program has not only guided me with how to set up my workstation but has given me so many useful tips regarding posture and exercises and how to relieve my pain at home. The program is a godsend especially in these times when going out is so risky! Would highly recommend to anyone who is in pain
Essie Cato
Essie Cato
I’m a massage therapist and I’ve been working on a laptop for most of the year now creating content and updating websites since I can’t actually work right now. My back has been hurting much more than before and i really needed to see someone. Unfortunately there is a k on ack of choice an options right now for finding a reliable osteopath or someone who I can get an appointment with. I did a search for osteopathy online and came across the Holistic Rehab Clinic. I actually expected to just book online to see someone face to face in house but then I realised it was an online course. I didn’t actually expect much because I always think seeing a professional in their clinic is way more effective as it’s hands on. Being a massage therapist I know how effective hands on treatment is. Was I wrong about that!! It’s blown a lot of what I thought and preconceived ideas out of the water. After just a few sessions of the online back pain classes I have definitely seen a big improvement in my backs mobility and the pain levels have dropped from 7-0. I can’t thank Dianne and the team enough. I don’t want to give away anything about the course. It’s interactive and fun at times, but more than anything it’s an education and it has given me the tools to fix my back issues should they ever arise again. If you’re experiencing back problems just give it a go because the pain will always get worse not better. I no longer have to worry about getting an appointment with a clinic.. I have my course I switch it on I do the work my back feels better. Thanks guys!!
jim sonson
jim sonson
The pandemic has made it really difficult for me to see an Osteopath. Dianne and her team provided me with the perfect solution to this. An online program that focuses on my posture, my pain points and exercises. The program walks you through every step of recovery! I felt like I had my own Pain Team at my beck and call! This is the new way forward for sure
Mehlyk Fight
Mehlyk Fight
I was offered an online program to resolve the pain I was experiencing in my back. I was skeptical at first. How can someone help my pain by physically seeing me face to face? Little did I know, they teach you home-based therapy and exercise techniques to apply at specific points. Felt relief in just a few days! Highly recommend

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